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Charlottesville Virginia

Charlottesville VirginiaOn the banks of the Rivanna River lies the City of Charlottesville. Deemed the heart of Virginia, due the close proximity to the state capital of Richmond along with its geographic location in the center of the state. The Blue Ridge mountains lend backdrop to pristine scenery and farm land that populate the area. The beauty of nature provides ample options to the outdoor adventurer, who can choose to hike, bike, or drive the many miles of trails that run throughout. The city has a long history and has established itself has a historic destination globally.  In playing to the “college town” persona, it is a venue for arts, entertainment, and fun…for all ages not just the 20 somethings. Charlottesville has much to offer and is a destination whether you are a local or out of towner.


Charlottesville took a front row seat to the early history of the United States. Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s third President, could be deemed the favored son of the city. He designed, built, and lived at his cherished mountaintop home, Monticello. Thousands visit yearly seeking to take in the architectural majesty of the of the home and surrounding grounds. Jefferson’s biggest contribution is the University of Virginia (UVA) which lies in the heart of the city. He envisioned a university environment that cultivated learning, questioning, and expansion of the human mind. These sites have been honored with the UNESCO World Heritage Site distinction and continue to promote Jefferson’s ideals and passions. Down the road from Monticello is Ash Lawn – Highland, home to fifth U.S. President James Monroe. The home was a working farm and estate and helped establish the agriculture industry that continues to thrive.


Agriculture is key to the Charlottesville area in helping drive industry and culture. Many of the local restaurants on the Downtown Mall source and feature local ingredients. Locals can visit the city’s Farmer’s Market or one of the surrounding farms that open to the public to allow them to pick their own fruit and vegetables. The Monticello Wine Trail and the Brew Ridge Trail provided guided tours of the award winning wine and beer that is being produced in the area.


The Downtown Mall is the mecca for the live entertainment and culture that Charlottesville is known for. There are various venues that span in size from the large (John Paul Jones Arena) to the small (The Southern). Budding talent is cultivated and has been the launching ground for artists such as The Dave Matthews Band. The community supports this culture through the promotion of various artist, galleries, and museums including the Virginia Discovery Museum for children. The University of Virginia plays host to the annual Virginia Film Festival which attracts filmmakers from across the country.  


The Shenandoah National Park provides an array of opportunity for those looking to enjoy an escape from the city. There over 100 miles of trails, including part of the Appalachian Trail, for hiking and biking. Prefer water? You can enjoy a trip down the Rivanna River with your fellow canoers and kayakers. When the white powder of winter calls visit a local resort for skiing and snowboarding. If you want to take things jump on the Skyline Drive or Blue Ridge Parkway for a scenic drive.

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